A Savannah Haunting


1H 43MIN

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A SAVANNAH HAUNTING is a film based on real supernatural phenomena the writer/director and his family experienced in their home in Savannah for decades. The film was shot on location at the actual haunted house. The filmmakers attempted to capture the subtle, creepy fear that afflicted the real residents of the home. A SAVANNAH HAUNTING is a dread-filled, slow burn horror film about a mother grappling with her guilt stemming from the tragic drowning of her youngest daughter. A family moves to Savannah, Georgia to try to distance themselves from the brutal memories of their daughter’s death at their Californian home. Once in their new home the mother slowly grows to believe she is being haunted by her dead daughter. The film ties in Savannah’s brutal slave history and its long connection with Voodoo.


Directed by William Mark McCullough

Written by William Mark McCullough

Produced by William Mark McCullough
Alexis Nelson

Cast Gena Shaw
Dean J. West
Tommi Rose
Simbi Kali
Anna Harriette Pittman
Bill Winkler
Moses Jones
Brittney Level
Jaelyn Buffkin
Nico Tirozzi

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