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Blur is a master-class of slow-burn horror, from opening frame to final chilling image. Kasia Stelmach stars as ''Jade', the introverted book seller whose apartment is mysteriously under siege from an ancient demon hell-bent on ruining her life. Packed with visual trickery and nail-biting set pieces, Blur was a labour of love created over a year of weekends. This amazing Australian independent horror film is both elegantly spooky and a marvel of low-budget creativity.


Directed by Andrew Miles Broughton

Written by Andrew Miles Broughton

Production Company Territory Films and inca HOOTS Films

Produced by Andrew Miles Broughton (Executive Producer)
Ian S McPhee (Producer)
Jasmina Lauric Broughton (Producer)
Kasia Stelmach (Producer)

Cast Kasia Stelmach
Abigail Bianca
Guy Mandic
Ian S McPhee
Keira Rosenberg
Matthew R Grego
Peter McAllum

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