Dr. Saville's Horror Show


1H 36MIN

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Wishes are your deepest desires
Dr. Saville’s Horror Show is a horror anthology hosted by the devious and sinister Dr. Saville. As he tortures his latest victim, he weaves together three dark and twisted stories. "Consume' - A bride-to-be takes drastic actions before her wedding day when she swallows a bioengineered tapeworm to help with her weight loss-goals. "It’s Complicated" - A picky bachelor awakes to find the woman of his dreams curled up on his kitchen floor. As their whirlwind romance escalates, he finds a dark side to his new lover . "Break" - Barricaded in his home during an undead outbreak, a loving father struggles to keep his two children safe. However, the greatest threat to the family’s chances of survival lies closer than the zombies clawing their way in.


Directed by Kevin R. Phipps

Written by Craig W. Chenery

Production Company Logi Lunar Productions

Produced by Craig W. Chenery
Kirk Levingar
Kevin R. Phipps
Allen Valor

Cast Allen Valor
Michael Hanelin
Honda King
Briana Lys
Jedediah Jones
Kristina Sabbagh
Kirk Levingar
Harley Queen
Ashlieya Mariano
Christina Sbraccia

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