Hotel Dunsmuir


1H 44MIN

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Don't call housekeeping
Deep in the rural West, a young woman named Billie (Jet Jandreau) lives under the thumb of her domineering husband Luke (Jose Rosete), the alpha in a group of small town outlaws. When Luke's antics cross a line, Billie flees for her mysterious and witchy grandmother Maddy, whom Luke despises and holds in superstitious contempt. At the halfway point to Maddy's house, with a seething Luke hot on her tail, Billie checks into a run-down Gold Rush era hotel in the mountain town of Dunsmuir. A disturbing experience in her room sends Billie back on the road, this time accompanied by a hotel maid she befriends named Ruby (Amber Gaston). As the two women speed down the highway across spooky and desolate mountains, they are pursued by Luke - and something else which began following them at Hotel Dunsmuir...


Directed by Michael Zaiko Hall

Written by Michael Zaiko Hall

Production Company Juniper Productions

Produced by Erik Wegner
Fred Chavez
Robb Gardner

Cast Jet Jandreau
Jose Rosete
Amber Gaston

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