The Devil's Hideout


1H 26MIN

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Mind is the warmest place to hide
Joshua is a sickly and lonely guy who lives in a remote rural town. His life revolves around the old grocery store he inherited from his father, and the care of a demented brother that he must keep locked up. His only outlets are his faith, the bar and his friendship with Abigail, a girl from the streets. But Josué's routines are violently altered the night his brother manages to escape and his path crosses Abigail's on the run.


Directed by Marc Carreté

Written by Marc Carreté

Production Company Creatures of the Dark
Patchouli Films

Produced by Marc Carreté
Joan Frank Charansonnet
Víctor Perxachs

Cast Joan Frank Charansonnet
Patrícia Bargalló
Montse Ribadellas
Miquel Sitjar
Joan Massotkleiner
José García Ruiz
Ramon Canals
Carlus Fàbrega

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